Chapter 10 Policy Points

  1. The New Urban Agenda must be forward looking, and focused on problem solving with clear means of implementation. It should adopt a city-wide approach to development with concrete strategies and actions, introducing clear funding mechanisms and effective means of monitoring.
  2. The agenda conveys a sense of urgency in the implementation of policies and actions that cannot depend on
    political schedules or opportunistic moments, but in clear and well-defined implementation plans.
  3. The new agenda will seek to create a mutually reinforcing relationship between urbanization and development, with the aim that they become parallel vehicles for sustainable development.
  4. The New Urban Agenda should establish links to other global agreements and agendas and to be clearly connected to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.
  5. The vision of the New Urban agenda can be steered to induce transformative change promoting a new urbanization model that is universal and adaptable to different national circumstances.