Chapter 9 Policy Points

  1. The public interest must be considered as a fundamental principle by which policies and actions affecting urban areas should be judged.
  2. Unless a new urban agenda is given prominence in national policies, the future of cities will become more unequal, less productive, more associated with poor living standards, at highrisk from the impacts of climate change.
  3. It is for Habitat III to map out a path for inclusive emerging futures under the guidance of the Sustainable Development Goals.
  4. A set of principles that guide major shifts in strategic and policy thinking are presented to ensure that human rights, the rule of law, equitable development and democratic participation are the bastions of the New Urban Agenda.
  5. The new urban agenda must be based on a set of
    implementation strategies that move beyond a sector-based approach. Regional specificity must be considered in the formulation of a credible New Urban Agenda which must be problem-oriented, programmatic and practicable.